Coronado’s New High End Grocery Store

High End Grocery Store

“Riba Smith” just opened its doors in Coronado and wow, they are looking good even at the get go. Riba Smith is much like the “Whole Foods” grocery stores offering top choice in everything albeit at premium prices. Finally you can buy specialty cheeses, lamb, superb multi-grain breads, top quality steaks and mouth-watering “home made” Italian Gelato ice cream (by the cone or in bulk) in more flavors than Baskin-Robbins.

This latest addition to the dulce vita is a god send for the occasionally deprived gringo or Panamanian who had to travel into Panama City for such specialty items. Although the floor space at Riba Smith is relatively modest, I heard from a good source that if this smaller project pans out as expected, they will open a major full sized outlet. With the new Rio Hato International airport opening possibly as early as December 2013 this would be a reasonable assumption.

That makes it four major grocery stores for Coronado of which three have opened in the last 2 years. RibaSmith is located opposite the new Philippe Motte store which is another specialty outlet offering an incredible selection of wines from virtually every wine producing country in the world from $3 to $300+ per bottle. You have to see it to believe it.

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