Coronado Supermarkets

Coronado Supermarkets

Coronado now has 4 large supermarkets offering a full line of food products with the largest one offering electronics, clothing, furniture, major appliances and sports equipment among other things.


Machetazo is currently my favorite super market. You can find everything there at a good price with a reasonable selection of all food types, meats, fish & seafood, wines, cheeses, freshly baked  breads,  cereals, spaghetti sauces etc.

It is open from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM during the week and until 9:30 or 10:00 on the weekend. This is very large store with three levels each level approaching one acre in size.

On the second floor they offer a wide range of electronic goods, kitchen appliances, men’s & women’s clothing, decorative items etc.

On the Third Floor there “back to school” items, office products, hardware items, sports equipment, a full line of major household appliances and patio furniture.


Rey’s used to have the monopoly on food in Coronado until about 2 years ago but not any more, thank God!!! The new competition has sharpened a lot of pencils. Rey’s remains however the only major grocery store in Coronado open 24×7 which is  extremely convenient.

They present you with a very orderly and clean store with a wide selection of foods including many North American imports (which are of course more expensive). They have an excellent variety of fruits and vegetables, fresh breads and desserts, cereals, and a major section for alcohol with imported wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Australia with some nice champagnes!!! The average cost of a good French wine is between $6.50 and $15. You can purchase a very large bottle of vodka, scotch, gin or rum for about $10-$12 if you are so inclined night or day. Rey’s also has an excellent pharmacy open 24×7 with a large vitamin section.

Super 99

Super 99 is located in the same shopping mall as McDonald’s across the street from Rey’s. This supermarket is a bit smaller than the other two and offers many basic food products at a somewhat lower price. They have a good variety of fresh meats, imported frozen meats, fresh fish, baked goods , a reasonable selection of veggies and fresh fruits, a limited variety of cereals, and household products. You will find many varieties of milk, yogurts, butter, cheeses , ice creams, and bagels. It has a small pharmacy. It has later opening hours on the weekend than during the week.

Riba Smith

Riba Smith is located opposite McDonald on the other side of the Inter Americano Highway. Riba Smith is definitely a “High End “ supermarket for the “granola Yuppies” . The store is about half or even less the size of the other three as they wish to test the market before going full size.

They are similar to the “Wholefood Market”  in California, oriented to the “healthy and organic Expat Baby Boomer Market” They have several large and very successful stores in Panama City in the best districts.  Riba Smith opened in August 2013.

It also sells fancy flowers and plants plus a good variety of upscale food which you would normally only find in Panama City. last week they were selling raspberries which are rare for Coronado. They also offer tofu, veal and lamb. They offer mouth watering desserts, superb quality meats and chicken, imported sausages, and items that you can take home and heat up. They have a smaller selection of cereals but offer high end frozen pizzas , frozen pastas, sauces, cheeses, breads, organic fruits and veggies. They also offer home made “to die for” Italian Gelato Ice cream in about 20 flavors. They sell the more expensive wines if you are so inclined.

I would not plan to do my entire grocery shopping in Riba Smith but when I want to buy some specialty foods this is my “to go to” place.

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