Coronado Booming

Coronado Property

Land Price Trends

Unimproved beach front property in Coronado currently has an asking price ranging from $1000-$1700 per square meter (10.7 square feet equals one square meter). An unimproved lot across the street from the beach is generally priced at about 40-45% of the beach front lot opposite.  Land further from the beach, inside Coronado, is sometimes available for as low as $60-$90 a square meter. An average interior lot in Coronado might be offered at $100 to $125 per square meter but with many exceptions to this broad generalization. Land inside the Coronado Golf Club or the Equestrian Club is typically double this average price.

Construction Costs

The cost of new construction ranges from $700 per square meter ($65 per square foot) at the very low end to approximately $1500 per square meter ($140 per square foot) at the very high end. From long experience, best value for dollar is generally available when you purchase an empty unimproved lot and have a custom home designed and built. It may be a longer and sometimes more frustrating process but you end up getting what you really want. Again from my experience, the least interesting option for most people (unless you are a real handyman who speaks Spanish) is to purchase an existing older home and renovating it.

Some Factors Impacting Property Values in Coronado

Other factors that impact RE values in Coronado are the availability and cost of medical services, the weather, crime levels and personal safety, infrastructure, banking privacy and political stability. In an extremely informal survey of a limited sampling of Coronado expats, the three most important reasons for choosing Panama were weather, cost of living and banking. However, Coronado seems to attract more than its share of very wealthy couples from North America so cost of living may be less of a factor than indicated.

Booming Growth

In 2006 Coronado was a “one bank” town. Today there are 8 banks. Six years ago there was one pizzeria in Coronado; today there are 6. Six years ago there were approximately 30 or 35 businesses of any significance today there are probably more than 300. Six years ago there was one shopping center and today there are five shopping centers.

The Coronado market has been changing rapidly even over the past 12 months. At least once or twice a week new projects are announced, foundations are placed for new buildings, new businesses pop up and grading/leveling work is started for infrastructure on large residential developments. This has been the case ever since the Rio Hato International Airport (a 20 minute drive to Coronado) was announced 2-3 years ago. Today, there are probably 25 to 35 major new residential development projects, including high-rise condos and beach resort hotels, in the early to half-finished building stage. Demand for these residential units is coming from North America and Europe with more than 50% from local Panamanians and Venezuelans/Colombians moving to Panama.

Baby Boomers

Panama has always attracted a lot of North Americans and Europeans for normal and early retirement. Living the same lifestyle in Panama compared to Europe, Canada or the USA costs approximately 40% for the same lifestyle. As the baby boomer population increases at the rate of 10,000 Boomer Americans every year (for a total of 79 million boomers many of whom remain underfunded due to the Great Recession) the desire and attraction of Panama will become increasingly apparent.

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