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Warm, Friendly Panama

Panamanian Laid Back Weather

One of my all-time favorite songs is “Summertime¬† … and the livin’ is easy!” from Porgy and Bess.

For Panama it is virtually always summertime and surprising to some, a constant summertime is not as boring as many “four season” lovers would want you to believe. Quite frankly, I don’t miss the four seasons. Sandals, shorts and a T-shirt suit me fine all year long. Except in certain sections of the country such as the mountains and along some parts of the Atlantic Coast there is really no major “rainy season”. Along the Pacific Coast, where we live in Coronado, it usually rains for an hour or so every 3-4 days from May until to mid-December. As a Canadian, average daytime temperatures in the mid to high 80s (with occasional low 90’s) and night time lows in the low to mid 70s is ideal. Continue reading